Free Museums To Visit In Houston Texas


When visiting Houston, Texas, there is a wide variety of popular attractions to see and things to do in the area. The museums in Houston are some of the best loved places to go. There are many different types of artistic creations and historic memorabilia on display in these museums. Houston's museums are ideal for families because they have lots of interesting displays for everyone to see, and many of them do not charge a visiting fee. These are some of the free museums that you can enjoy in Houston, Texas.

The Menil Collection 

The Menil Collection is one of Houston's most popular free museums. This museum has over 16,000 pieces of art that was created by John and Dominique de Menil. The museum is divided into four sections that each have different collections by these well-known artists. 

The collections are categorized as Antiquity, Byzantine and Medieval, Tribal and Twentieth-Century Art. With the wide variety of works that are on display, everyone who visits can easily find numerous pieces of beautiful artwork to enjoy.

Houston Center for Contemporary Craft 

The Houston Center for Contemporary Craft is a unique museum, because it houses a variety of different works created by both local and national artists. This artwork has been made with materials such as fiber, metal, glass and wood. There is never any fee to view these creative exhibits.

Heritage Society Museum 

Sam Houston Park is home to Houston's Heritage Society Museum. This museum is a favorite of both locals and visitors because it is located outdoors. Included in the exhibits at this museum are historic buildings dating back to the 1800s. There is no fee to visit the museum, but a small fee is charged for guided tours of the inside of the buildings.

The Houston Museum of African American Culture 

Located on Caroline Street, the Houston Museum of African American Culture focuses on the stories of Africans and African Americans from Houston and other areas of the United States. This museum hosts a wide variety of exhibits, films, classes and lectures that are about the lives of African Americans.

Station Museum 

The Station Museum is another of Houston's favorite attractions. This museum displays a large collection of different contemporary art that includes paintings, drawings, sculptures and photographs. These intriguing works of art change quarterly so that new artists can continue to display their most recent creations.

All these museums allow visitors to come through completely free of charge on a daily basis during business hours. Many other museums also host a weekly free day where visits can be enjoyed at no charge on a specific day of the week. 


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