For Student Researchers: Three Ways To Go About Having Your Informed Consent Forms Translated


Conducting your first student research project can be both exciting and nerve-wracking. Faculty advisers are there to offer guidance and assistance, but they often step back and let you do most of the work since this is how you'll learn about the research process most effectively. One of the first hurdles you may come across is the need to translate your informed consent forms into languages other than English. This is a very important step if the population you're researching does not speak English fluently.

2 August 2017

How to Search for a Vacation Home in the Dominican Republic


If you've been to the Dominican Republic several times, and you're looking to buy a vacation home there, then you need to do a few things to prepare you for the process. Purchasing a home is a much bigger process than simply spending a few days at a hotel. You don't want to get locked into something that turns out to not be appropriate to your needs in the long run.

7 February 2017